Advantages and disadvantages CMS WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and flexible platform these days. In fact, every CMS has flaws, but   WP they are exaggerated. We have given real facts and this will destroy the stereotypes that users have formed. WordPress strengths:
  • Absolutely free. WordPress is open source software, meaning the freedom to use, modify, create frameworks without having to pay for it all. When the Automattic team created WordPress, it was decided to distribute and improve this product for free, but at the same time make paid add-ons for it in the form of plugins and templates.
  • Convenient admin panel. WordPress has a rather convenient and simple control panel. Therefore, this makes it easy to manage content through the Gutenberg visual editor, which has its own list of advantages.
  • A huge variety of themes and plugins. On the official website of WordPress  a large selection of various free and paid themes and plugins. A theme is the clothing of your site. You can change it, if you wish, to a more attractive one. In addition, themes with rich functionality are inexpensive. Plugins – add. tools that extend the standard functionality  WordPress. They can be downloaded from specialized resources. The choice is so large that you will 100% find a suitable plugin for any task. And, since the code of the system is open, you have the opportunity to create unique themes and plugins yourself.
  • Easy installation. Most hosts now install WP automatically, which allows you to quickly start with your project. All you have to do is choose a domain and install, the system will do the rest.
  • WordPress Updates It’s not uncommon for “frequent WordPress updates” to be attributed to a disadvantage and this is surprising. Since the engine is free and anyone can view the code,  significant attention is paid to safety. That’s why WordPress is always updated and updated with new features.
  • Support Besides the official WP community, there are many forums where you can ask any questions about the system. The easiest way to solve a problem is to search for the name of the problem and in 90% of cases the answer will be found.Weaknesses of WordPress:
Our team has been working with WordPress for more than 6 years, and during this time we have not found such “shortcomings”. There are no problems that significantly interfere with the creation of sites or their promotion. It is clear that all CMS have minor, not particularly prominent, flaws, and from the position of search engines, they are all on an equal footing

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