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Frequently Asked Question

Commencing the work requires the provision of all design assets in either PSD or Sketch file formats, a technical specification outlining the site’s page requirements, and the settlement of our initial invoice to proceed.
The duration for website development can vary, with some websites taking as few as 8 days for development, while more intricate designs and features may require over 1000 hours. Our standard web development project cycle spans 4 weeks for smaller projects, but we can expedite site completion if necessary.
You can reach us via email or WhatsApp at any time. Additionally, our contact form on the dedicated contact page is another convenient means of getting in touch with us.
Our regular working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM CET, Monday to Friday, during which we can be reached. In urgent cases, we are available at any time.
The price encompasses site development tailored to your specifications, the configuration of all essential modules, installation on the customer’s hosting, and performance optimization.
The cost of site development is typically determined on a case-by-case basis and is contingent on specific requirements, the number of pages, and other preferences.
Primarily, we specialize in crafting custom, lightweight, and fully editable themes that offer high performance. However, we can also utilize the Elementor builder to swiftly create adaptable web solutions.

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